SpaBoss Filter Free


SpaBoss Filter Free cartridge filter cleaner has a pH color indicator, to see it’s working. It removes, rust, scale, oil and fine particles from the filter.

Size: 1kg

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Filter Free removes rust, scale, oil, and fine particles from the filter that back-washing fails to remove. You can tell it is working by the distinct colour changes. For effective cleaning and scale removal, the solution is red; if you have an insufficient amount of dissolved in water, the solution will be a yellowed-orange.


One capful holds approximately 30 grams.

For thorough cleaning, dissolve 500 grams of Filter free in 20 litres of lukewarm water. As a preventative maintenance program, dissolve 250 grams of Filter Free in lukewarm water. ALWAYS USE A PLASTIC PAIL AND MIX UNTIL THE SOLUTION TURNS RED.

For Cartridge Filters:

  1. Stop filtration system.
  2. If possible, remove cartridges’ or elements and soak overnight in a plastic pail.
  3. After soaking, rinse thoroughly and replace them in the filter.

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