The Ellesmere has room for 3, with a nice lounge seat and 2 upright seats. It is perfect for small decks, condo owners or those who just want a reliable and simple way to get in hot water.






Water Volume:

230 US Gallons / 871 litres


Height: 99cm / 39″ / 3′
Width: 157cm / 62″ / 5′
Length: 218cm / 86″ / 7′
Seats: 2
Lounger: 1
Capacity: 3

Platinum Swirl





Choose your spa jet configuration by selecting an option below:

  • Prestige


20 Jets | 1 Pumps

Standard Features

Arctic Spas® come with a range of features as standard! Click any of the features below to find out more about them!

Composite Shell Northern LED Lights High Efficiency Aquaflow Pumps Water Feature Comfort and Hydro-Massage
Arctic Pure Water CareSafety ApprovalsReflex Torsion HoseTotal AccessColor Choices

Optional Features

The ability to customize an Arctic Spa® is one of the best features of the brand.Choose exactly what you want and need.

In.Touch 2 (OnSpa Included) No-Maintenance Cabinets Family Lighting Package

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