Spa Boy®

Spa Boy® Is A Cutting-Edge Water Care System Exclusive to Arctic Spas®.
Our automated water care system, Spa Boy® represents the most important advancement to hot tubs in many years, and it's available in the Okanagan A/W Swim Spa model.



Arctic Spas® come with a range of features as standard! Click any of the features below to find out more about them!


The ability to customize an Arctic Spa® is one of the best features of the brand.Choose exactly what you want and need.

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A/W Swim Spas - Okanagan

SDS: 40 Jets – 3 Pumps – Seats 7 – Capacity 12
Legend: 40 Jets – 3 Pumps – Seats 7 – Capacity 12
Signature: 40 Jets – 2 Pumps – Seats 7 – Capacity 12
Prestige: 20 Jets – 1 Pump – Seats 7 – Capacity 12

Color Variations

Arctic Spas® Okanagan A/W Swim Spa Is Available in the Platinum Swirl Color.